For a limited time only your DF5 duplicators are being refurbished and made like new. In addition to refreshing and updating the DF5 a one year extended warranty is automatically given when you send in your DF5 duplication machine under this program. If you are a participant or supporter of the FBCB2 program call today for your RMA number. Call 510-661-6793 x107. After you receive your RMA number send your DF5 duplicator with the RMA number directly to Greystone at 40500a Albrae St. Fremont, California 94538. Mark the shipping paperwork "FBCB2 RMA" for quick processing and turn around. Turn around time will be 5 to 10 days. Loaner machines are available on request. When you call for an RMA if you need a loaner please ask the person who takes your RMA request.  
    Price: CALL  
    1. Add this and both NTFS SmartCopy capability  
    2. Buy both and get one Free.  
    3. Available in DF1 and DF5 Systems only.  
    1. No need for Serial drive adapters.  
    2. Add the Serial Smart Option to enable both Parallel and Serial interface circuitry.  
    Four versions available:  
    1. Basic PATA system.  
    2. Basic PATA with standard notebook adapters.  
    3. Basic PATA with SATA Smart option.  
    4. Basic PATA / SATA with standard notebook adapters.  
    1. DDUMS (disk drive upgrade management system) offers automatic or manual ONLINE software upgrade capability.  
    2. No diskettes, USB, or other media required.  
DF1 Family 1:1 and 1:2 Duplicators
DF5 Family: DF5 and DF5M/P 1:5 Duplicators
DFX SATA (5) Target Duplicator (PN: F-SATA-DFX-5)
DFX Family Duplicators 1:5 and 1:11 SATA-3
Disk Drive Adapters
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