IDE DataFast D-105

Q: I want to duplicate a multiple partition disk drive.
A: From the "Greystone Standard Jobs" screen select "Smart Copy". The target drive will contain the same partition structure as the source drive. The partition sizes on the source drive will be adjusted to fit onto the target drive. For example, given a source drive with three partitions using 40%, 35% and 25% of the disk, the target drive will also be partitioned with three partitions that use 40%, 35% and 25% of the disk. When a FAT16 partition on a target disk will be larger than 2 GB, the partition is limited to 2 GB and additional partitions are allocated on the target drive. If more control over partitioning is desired, press the key from the Greystone Standard Jobs screen to go to the User Jobs screen and create a new user job, where all the partition allocations can be controlled by the user.
Q: What happens if an error is detected on a target drive or source drive during the duplication process?
A: If the error is detected on the source drive, the duplication process will halt and an error box with the detected error will be displayed. If the error is detected on a target drive, the drive is disabled and the duplication process continues. At the end of the duplication process the drive with the error is reported as a bad drive and the error is logged to the log file if error logging is enabled.
Q: When should I connect the disk drives to the D-105?
A: Greystone recommends starting the D-105 and waiting for the "Greystone Standard Jobs" screen to appear before connecting the master and target drive(s).
Q: I want to duplicate NTFS to targets that are larger in size than the master drive and expand the partition size. Can I do this?
A: This can only be accomplished with the optional "NTFS Smart Option". That software will allow copies to larger drives, expands the NTFS partitions proportionally, and copies only the data in the NTFS partition. Contact Greystone Sales to purchase this option.
Q: How do I contact Greystone?
A: For Technical Support call: (510) 661-6793 (extension# 107) Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST. For Sales, call: (510) 661-6793. To order by Fax call: (510) 661-2105
Q: How do I activate a Smart Option?
A: Press "F5" to activate the Smart Option menu screen. Using the up and down arrow keys select the Smart Option you want to activate. Press the spacebar to activate the Smart Option. When the Smart Option Key entry box appears, enter the Smart Option Security Key 8-digit code and press the enter key. If the Smart Option Key is correct, a checkmark will appear in the box next to the selected Smart Option.    
Q: How do I get a Smart Option Key?

A: When the Smart Option Key entry box is displayed, write down the internal serial number that is displayed on the bottom line of the box. Write down the serial number that is on the back of the duplicator, (usually near the power plug). Call Greystone at (510) 429-5848 and ask to speak to the person responsible for Smart Option sales.

Q: How do I know that my selected Smart Option has been activated?
A: As the duplicator starts up, the enabled and disabled Smart Options information box will be displayed. The operator can activate the Smart Options menu key at any time to view options that have been enabled.
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