Software Smart Options
Smart Options
The Smart Option suite of utilities is designed to make Greystone’s Datafast hard disk duplicators more productive and useful. The Smart Option utilities are not part of the standard DataFast features; they are available as separate order options.

NTFS Smart Option
Copies only the data on an NTFS partition from the source to target drives, which greatly reduces the time required to duplicate disks with the Microsoft Windows NT file system. For example: a 2GB partition requires approximately 8 minutes to duplicate and verify in the standard NTFS Partition Mirror copy mode that is part of all Greystone IDE duplication products. The NTFS Smart Option will enhance the duplication process by only copying the data from the source drive to the target drives and NOT copying blank sectors. A typical 2GB partition with 500 MB of actual data will take less than 2 minutes to duplicate and verify using the NTFS Smart Option. About 6 minutes is saved with the NTFS Smart Option. Using a NTFS source drive with a data load that is 20% the size of the NTFS partition, it is possible to duplicate approximately 25 drives using the NTFS Smart Option in the same time it takes to duplicate 5 drives using the standard NTFS Partition Mirror copy.

Sector Copy Smart Option
The Sector Copy Smart Option provides for duplicating specific source drive sectors to specific sectors on one or more target drives DF5.

Secure Erase Smart Option
The The Secure Erase Smart Option enables the operator to use the disk drive manufacturers internal drive electronics to self-erase the contents DF5, and DF1.

Wipeout Smart Option
Enables target hard drives to be completely "sanitized" (erased), in accordance with the Department of Defense document DoD 5220.22-M specifications. The only higher security measure recommended is the use of a hammer-"pulverization of drive like as: DF5M and DF5. Except DF1- call for discontinued products".

Partition Smart Option
Enables full control over the selection of drive partitions for duplication from the source drive to target drives. The Partition Smart Option can be used to select one or more partitions from the source drive to be duplicated to the target drives. The partitions can be resized and/or reordered on the target drives; each target drive configuration can be determined independent of the other target drives. With this option, a source drive can be constructed to contain many different software loads, each of which can be duplicated independently to target drives like as: DF5M and DF5. Except DF1- call for discontinued products.

Database Smart Option
The Database Smart Option records all duplication information in a database format that can be imported into many popular database programs for analysis and job tracking. The type of information recorded is name of job, drive types, drive serial number, number of MBs copied, time and date of job, duplication method, job completion status, and time to complete job like as: DF5M and DF5. Except DF1- call for discontinued products.

Linux EXT- 2/3 Option
The Future Linux EXT-2 Option will allow the DataFast unit to copy the data found in the EXT-2 file table to be copied to the target/s while ignoring empty or unused sectors DF1, DF5M and DF5.

HPA Smart Option
Supports the duplication of the Host Protected Area which may include Technical support files, password protect, etc. (DF1 and DF5).

Enables Serial integrated hardware interface connections (DF5).

Disk Diagnostic Application

IDE Diagnostics Application
The IDE Diagnostics Application is a powerful software program designed specifically to expand the capabilities of the DataFast duplication systems to include hard drive diagnostic testing. By adding this diagnostic application, your DataFast will not only function as a hard disk duplicator, but also as a hard drive diagnostic center for IDE hard drives! Since data integrity is directly related to the reliable operation of a hard drive, the ability to test the condition of drives before beginning any duplication process can be crucial for ensuring trouble-free operation. This diagnostics application provides the following diagnostic tests that can be performed simultaneously on up to five hard drives such as DF1.

Scan Disk
The Scan Disk utility is provided to confirm that every sector (or a range of sectors) on a disk is readable. This utility does not destroy any existing data on the disk.

Read/Write Data Integrity
The Write/Read utility enables you to verify that sectors on a disk are writeable and that data written on each sector may accurately be read and that each sector is uniquely addressable.

Remap Bad Clusters
The Remap Bad Clusters routine provides the ability to logically remove bad data from a file, making it possible to recover the remaining good data from a file that would otherwise be useless.

Wipe Disk
The Wipe Disk utility performs either "sanitizing" or "clearing" a drive according to Department Of Defense standards for removable and non-removable rigid disks to obliterate previously recorded data. These methods are documented in Section 8-306 of the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPROM) [DOD 5220.22-M].

Seek tests are provided to confirm the ability of a drive to function properly with various seek conditions. Several tests perform large seeks after the read or write of every sector. Other tests perform a small incremental seek after every read or write.

The SMART utility enables the status of the internal failure prediction capability of a drive to be reported. SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) is an industry-wide method by which IDE drives monitor internal parameters and warn of the increased potential of a drive failure. This utility enables you to determine whether or not a drive supports SMART. For those drives supporting SMART, you have the ability to activate or deactivate SMART. When SMART is activated you can determine if one or more “threshold conditions” in a drive have been exceeded, meaning that - even though the drive is presently operational - there is an increased likelihood of a drive failure.

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